We produces variety of the best quality beans and grains. Our products are from local sources in Thailand, which we sources excellent quality raw material from around Thailand especially in northern part that our factory located, to ensure that we will produces excellent quality beans and grains to our customers. Beans and Grains are available in 25-50 kg. Packing in either PP woven bags or jute bags. We are also able to load in bulk in container and bulk in vessel for large shipment over 10,000 MTS grains. Our beans products are red kidney beans, red bamboo beans, azuki beans, black beans, black kidney beans, red cowpea, green mung beans, black matpe, soybeans, splits soybeans. Our grains products are corn (yellow maize), short grains rice, pearl barley, coix seeds, rice berry, black glutinous rice. We also have section of oil seeds for white sesame, black sesame and brown sesame.